Sign Up & Activation Help

  • I have registered but I have not received a confirmation email  

    If no confirmation has been received and you have checked your junk/spam folder we recommend re-registering. Your account cannot complete the activation process until you have followed the link in confirmation email.

  • Where are my serial number and activation codes located?  

    Your serial number and activation code are on two stickers located on the back of your gateway.

  • What features are different when I am viewing on my smartphone verses my computer?  

    1. On your computer you can adjust contrast and video quality.
    2. On your smartphone you can take a snapshot, which will be stored in the picture or image gallery on your phone.
  • I signed up and activated, I can view on my computer but not on my smartphone  

    Are you accessing live video on your smartphone through the APP? To view baby on iPhone, Android, or Blackberry you need to download the Summer Infant APP from the APP store for your device.

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